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5 Best AI Novel Writing Tools – No Magic – Tech

Are you searching for AI novel writing software to assist in your writing process? Look no further! This article will review the 5 best AI novel writing software tools available and rank them according to their features and price. A brief overview of each one will be provided, so no matter if you need help with generating ideas or overcoming writer’s block, there’s sure to be something here to suit your needs.

TL;DR version:



is an excellent AI novel writing software program, that offers great support for AI-assisted novel writing. It is user-friendly, offers fiction writing “creative story” templates, and provides exceptional value for money considering the level of AI assistance provided.

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is an ideal choice for novice writers or those uncertain if they will appreciate AI-assisted writing software. With its accessible free version, it is an excellent way to explore the potential of AI!

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is the best novel writing software if you are looking for a program to give you feedback on your writing. It is an AI-powered story writer software that helps with creative ideas and AI-assisted story writing.

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is an easy-to-use software program that helps improve your story writing. This AI writing assistant aids you in refining your grammar, tone, and style to make your novel the best it can be!



is one of the original AI writing tools. It is an excellent grammar and spelling checker. It analyzes your writing for punctuation, passive voice construction, overused words, and much more!

What is the Best AI Novel Writing Software?

In recent times, Artificial Intelligence has made some remarkable strides in the area of creative writing. AI novel writing software utilizes algorithms to come up with novel ideas and compose new stories. These AI writing tools can be of great aid to authors who are having difficulty generating innovative thoughts or who wish to explore different genres. Although AI software is still in its nascent stage, it has the potential to completely transform the way we craft our novels. In the not-so-distant future, AI may even be able to compose entire books without any human intervention, providing a seemingly limitless source of fresh material for authors to explore. In the meantime, these AI writing software tools can be beneficial for helping spark creative story ideas and for helping you save time while writing. These AI writing tools can also help novelists ensure that they write grammatically correct sentences in their fiction writing.

Let’s look at some of the best AI novel writing software tools for writers!



Jasper is an AI-generated story maker that can help you develop new ideas and storylines. It uses a neural network and natural language processing to generate written text, and it is constantly learning so that it can get better at generating new ideas.

Top Features

Jasper is a great AI writing software tool for helping you write your novel. Here’s why:

  • It includes recipes that help you create a story that follows formats such as the Hero’s Journey. Speed up your work X100!
  • It helps to plan and outline your novel before you start writing so you know what you need to include and can stay on track.
  • It provides inspiration and ideas when you hit a creative wall.
  • It helps you to edit and revise your work, ensuring that your novel is the best it can be before you submit it to publishers.
  • Jasper uses a Google Docs-like editor, making it familiar and easy to use.
  • You can use Jasper to give you ideas for characters and plot points in your fictional story by asking it questions.


Jasper’s AI writing software Starter Plan is $24/month and includes 20,000 words generated. This plan includes the Creative Story template to help you write short stories and even long-form content such as books!

The Boss Mode Plan starts at $49/month and includes 50,000 words per month. Each of these plans can expand if you need more words generated per month.

I have used the Boss Mode Plan, and with 100,000 words, it costs about $99/month.

Jasper also offers a free 5-day trial of their software, which I highly recommend trying! You will get access to this trial, as well as 10,000 words for free when you click the link in this article!


Jasper is the best AI writing software for novelists who need help getting over writer’s block, finding ideas for characters, world-building, story elements, and plot points, and appreciate having some AI assistance with creating incredible works of fiction!

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2. Sudowrite


Sudowrite is a sophisticated AI-based writing platform, created to streamline the novel-writing experience. Through leveraging natural language processing and advanced machine learning technology, it grants authors access to recommended keywords, synonyms, and other writing guidance. Additionally, it provides insights into how readers react to written content, aiding authors in understanding their target audience and making appropriate alterations. With its easy-to-use interface, writers can effortlessly craft stories that captivate their readers.

Top Features

  • Sudowrite have automated keyword suggestions to make novel writing faster and easier.
  • It uses several variants of the CHAT GPT-3 algorithm and a variety of proprietary narrative processors for accurate writing assistance.
  • Sudowrite gives aspiring novelists insight into potential reader reactions, helping authors understand their audience better.
  • It has an easy-to-use interface for quick story creation.
  • Sudowrite has a comprehensive library of resources and tips to help ensure that you can create great stories.
  • The software works in almost every language! It will match the language that you are using when you type into it.


Sudowrite starts at just $10 per month.

Their best deal is the Professional level, where you can generate 90,000 words per month for just $20/month.

They also have a great free trial so that you can try out the software before deciding to pay for it!

When you buy Sudowrite through the links on this page, you’ll get 10,000 words added to your account at no additional cost to you!

Bottom Line

Sudowrite is the perfect AI novel-writing tool for aspiring and experienced writers. It helps speed up the writing process with automated keyword suggestions, natural language processing algorithms, and machine learning algorithms so that users can produce high-quality stories in a fraction of the time. It also provides insight into readers’ reactions to help writers understand their audience better. With its easy-to-understand and use programming and comprehensive library of resources, Sudowrite makes it easy for authors to create engaging stories that captivate readers.

You can check out my full Sudowrite review in this article: Sudowrite Review: A Fantastic AI Fiction Writing Tool

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3. Rytr


Rytr is a powerful AI novel-writing software program that can help you develop new ideas and storylines. It is based on a neural network that has been trained on over 500,000 stories. Rytr is also constantly learning, so it gets better and better at generating new ideas the more you use it.

Top Features

  • Rytr can generate multiple versions of a story – pick and choose!
  • You can specify the genre, style, length, and other parameters of the story you want Rytr to generate.
  • Rytr has a built-in plagiarism checker.
  • Rytr has a downloadable Chrome extension to make using Rytr easy to do!
  • Use their “Story Plot” use-case AI assistant to help you as the story writer create compelling stories.
  • All levels (including free) include access to a premium community.


Rytr has a free version and paid versions.

The free version of Rytr allows you to generate 5000 characters per month and write in 30+ languages and 20 different tones.

The Saver plan for Rytr is $9 per month and gives you the above features plus the ability to generate 50k characters per month.

The Unlimited Plan for Rytr is $29 per month and gives you unlimited story-generation abilities. It also includes a dedicated account manager and premium support.

Bottom Line

Rytr is an excellent AI writing software program for beginning novelists, as it has a robust free version. While your number of characters per month is limited, you can use AI to work on your novel for free!

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4. Sassbook


Sassbook is an outstanding AI writing tool. Users can select from a variety of genres, such as classic, humor, sci-fi, romance, thriller, or even custom, to write captivating content. What’s more, it provides fresh ideas and texts until the perfect piece is created.

Top Features

Sassbook is an excellent AI writing software tool. Here’s why:

  • It helps to keep your ideas organized. You can create a timeline of events, characters, and locations and refer back to it as you write. This can be a great way to keep track of your plot and ensure everything flows smoothly.
  • It helps you to stay focused. When you’re working on a novel, it’s easy to get sidetracked. Sassbook can help you stay on track by keeping your thoughts organized and your goals in mind.
  • It’s fun! Writing a novel can be daunting, but Sassbook makes it enjoyable. The program is easy to use and has many great features that make the process fun. Plus, it’s always satisfying to see your work in print!


Sassbook has a fantastic free version!

Standard Version: $15 per month (if you pay annually)

Premium Version: $25 per month (if you pay annually)

Bottom Line

Sassbook is a great AI writer for novelists looking for a robust program to help with story writing, general writing, and content summarizing.

Click to Check Out Sassbook For Free!

5. Grammarly


Grammarly is a great AI grammar checker for novel writers. I personally use it for everything, in combination with the other AI writers in this list. While it does not help you with your creative writing, it will help you write grammatically correct sentences by finding all your spelling and grammar mistakes.

Top Features

Grammarly is a great aid / AI writing tool for the following reasons:

  • It uses artificial intelligence technology to help you create grammatically correct sentences in your novel.
  • Grammarly can help you to spot errors that you might otherwise miss. This is especially helpful for catching typos, which can easily be overlooked when you’re focused on the bigger picture.
  • Grammarly can also help you to improve your writing style and create high-quality content. By pointing out errors and suggesting corrections, Grammarly can help you to develop a more consistent and polished writing style.
  • Finally, Grammarly can save you a lot of time in the editing process. Catching errors early on can save you hours of work later on.

So if you’re planning on writing a novel, be sure to give Grammarly a try. It could make all the difference in the quality of your finished product.


For Individuals: The Premium subscription starts at $12 per month (if paid yearly). It is $20 per month if you pay quarterly and $30 per month if you pay month-to-month.

For Businesses: Business plans start at $15 per month (paid yearly), and the price increases depending on how many team members you want to include.

Bottom Line

Grammarly is best for writers who want to produce error-free writing. It is beneficial for catching typos and grammatical errors and can help you develop a more consistent and polished writing style. If you’re serious about writing a novel, Grammarly is worth considering for your content creation process.

AI Novel Writing Software FAQs

Can an AI write a novel?

There is no doubt that Artificial Intelligence has seen unprecedented advancement over the past few years. Its capacity to process large amounts of information and recognize patterns that humans might miss has already changed numerous industries, from healthcare to automotive manufacturing to voice generation. But could AI also create something novel, such as a work of fiction? While some posit that AI has the potential to author a novel, due to its ability to generate natural-sounding text, others contend that creativity of the highest order calls for a degree of human comprehension that AI has yet to grasp. Making a novel is not only about constructing meaningful sentences; it is about expressing emotion and creating a powerful story.

What is the best software for writing novels?

When tackling the task of writing a novel, it is important to select the right software. Scrivener is an especially popular choice, offering a vast array of features to help authors plan, organize and concentrate on their work. For those who prefer a minimalistic approach, yWriter is an exceptional alternative.

Its simplified interface makes it easy to stay on the right track, and its in-built storyboard can be incredibly valuable in mapping out complex storylines. Ultimately, the best software for writing a novel is the one that best suits your individual needs. Therefore, it is advised to try various programs until you find your favorite.

Why Use AI Writing Software?

Utilizing AI writing software can be beneficial in several ways. For instance, it can assist in refining writing skills by providing helpful suggestions and corrections. Furthermore, it can save time when producing lengthy documents such as a research paper or thesis by helping to organize one’s thoughts. Last but not least, AI software can also help to foster creativity by offering ideas that may inspire new thinking.

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